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Women’s trousers

Women’s trousers

When it comes to a suit, the ready to wear size of the trousers will seldom be the same as the size for the jacket.

Whether as part of a suit or as a separate garment, the trousers are tailored to your size only. Not just the length of the legs, but also the rise.

There is always a vivid discussion about the length of  the legs, but we can advise you on the proper length in order to make comfortable trousers in which you look great.

Make your own design by choosing from a high waisted trouser or a hipster trouser (with or without waistband) and by selecting from various pocket styles and stitchings.


The zip fastening can be on the front or on the side.

If you sometimes need temporarily a wider fit of  the waistband, we offer the adjustable waistband, either with buttons or strap and buckle.

By choosing the right cloth you can create a sporty trouser or a chic model with  pressed creases. There are several lining options and a number of finishes of the bottom hem.


Sometimes pencil trousers are the option to go for. But if you are a bit skinny than wider trouser legs might suit you better.

If you choose a beautiful supple cloth, than you can choose the wide elegant leg in the loose style of Marlene Dietrich.

Which style you prefer is up to you. The width of the legs kan be freely chosen, from pencil via straight to flare.