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Women’s Jacket

Women’s Jacket

At Sentate we consider a suit as a combination of skirt or trousers with a jacket (eventually completed with a waistcoat). Basically it is the uniform cloth of the separate garments that makes a suit. Also we tailor the separate garments.

At Sentate, we are not amazed that only very few ladies can find suits in regular fashion stores to fit them. Common problems are the waist in the wrong position, jacket sleeves too short or too long, too wide or too narrow around the top or around the waist. Besides that, the confection size of the jacket rarely combine with the size of skirt or trousers. In particular for jackets one can say “one size fits nobody”.

We know how discouraging it is when something doesn’t fit. In our experience we need at least two “off-the-rack confection” sizes to achieve a basic fit. With Made To Measure it’s a seamless process of a few fittings so that it is tailored exactly to you. 


You are the designer

You are the designer. From fit to desires such as button colour or lining, with a lot of cloths to choose from.

The life of your suit is not determined only by how often you wear it, but also on the quality of fabrics, fits and construction. Our suiting features a half canvas construction. 

Our ladies suits differ from the men’s suits in softer silhouettes with feminine accents, which enhance a woman’s style to provide a distinctive fit with functional pieces that can go beyond the board room in any occasion.

Suit yourself by choosing your preferred fabrics, detailing, and style to match your busy lifestyle.

From the sleek suit jacket to the silk blouse and shapely skirt, our full range of custom suits ensures every woman is covered.

Basis of the design is a standard jacket. In order to provide the right fitting and to provide enough room where necessary, a number of darts can be used. Also short and fitted jackets are possible.