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Style Advice

What to wear tips

At your first consultation you may not have a clue which style you like or want. Or you’re not satisfied with your present style or you got another job. Or it is a matter of the world changing and you are changing also. All these causes ask for a change in or alteration of your clothing style. We can help by discussing with you how you intend to use the tailored suits. And you may have specific ideas of what you’re after, or we can help by suggesting some inspiration from the options available.

In any case, it will always be very helpful when you create a mood board with clippings, you like, of garments from fashion magazines. Then it will be easier for you to find, with our advice, the style you feel comfortable in.

After we fitted the pattern to your measures, you can personalise every last detail of your clothing to match the style you like.

With a tailored suit you are investing in a garment which is carefully and beautifully created to your exact size and figuration.  

Style and fit

Whatever style you choose, it will only work if it is fitted properly. It will be visible from a distance. and people will recognise your confidence that you are looking at your absolute best.

A properly fitted garment fits like a glove and you will feel it as comfortable, like you owned and wore it for years.

Mail or call us for an appointment. We will help you to choose your favourite garment, made from one of our exclusive cloths.