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Shirt and Polo


With a Sentate tailored shirt you know that you are looking your best – whether it is for business, leisure or a special occasion. Style, comfort and personality can only come together in perfectly tailored garments and stylish tailored shirts can certainly finish off your look.

We offer a fantastic range of Made To Measure tailored shirts, which are of the finest quality.

In a fashion shop you will have to settle with the range offered. Meaning that the sleeves ar too long or too short. Or it hasn’t got the breast pocket you want or the collar is either old fashioned or futuristic. With Sentate shirts you can choose exactly what you like and make it your own and unique shirt. 

Fitted exactly to your body. where you can decide if you want the fit of the shirt to be slim, normal or comfortable wide.

If you, however, have a favorite shirt, we can make an exact copy of the fit.


Custom options

Of course we fit the shirt to your size. For example the length of the shirt, the shape of the bottom, length of the sleeves (with most men right and left arms are of different lengths). But you can also choose the stiffness of the collar and the type of collar bones.

Then choose your favorite refined fabric. All fabrics are from the finest cotton. The cotton fabrics are available in white, plain, checkered and striped designs. Also we have the colorful printed designs.

And we have ample options to personalize your shirt. For example the number and design of breast pockets, design of the gusset on the front, monogramming (more than 10 options).

We offer also a wide variety of collars and cuffs and finally there are many contrasting options including stitching, cuffs and collars.

Experience the difference between off the shelf and tailored shirts.



A variation on the shirt is the poloshirt. Because a poloshirt is meant for sports, the technology of a poloshirt differs from that of a normal shirt.

The cloths used are more stretchy than the usual cotton cloths for shirts.

We offer poloshirts with long sleeves and short sleeves.

For a surcharge we can have any logo transferred to an embroidery pattern. This logo can then be embroidered on the poloshirt. 

Of course we offer you a number of contrasting options, similar to the shirt.

Wether you use a poloshirt for golf or general leisure, you will wear an eye-catching garment.