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Men’s waistcoat

Men’s waistcoat

A waistcoat is a close-fitting waist-length garment, typically having no sleeves or collar and buttoning down the front, originally worn by men over a shirt and under a jacket.

Before wrist watches became popular, men wore there pocket watch in a waistcoat pocket, connecting the other end of the watch chain to a button hole. Another import function of the waistcoat was to hide suspenders.

Thanks to the rise of stretch fabrics and also a better fit the waistcoat seems to have fallen in disuse. However, nowadays the waistcoat becomes en vogue again. Not only as part of a 3-piece suit but also as an eye-catching part of the outfit. They can also be very practical for those days when it is to cold for a shirt alone but to warm for a jacket.

Our waistcoat is produced in a variety of models. These are the waistcoat with a V-shaped neck opening, a round neck opening, a shawl collar and more. If you like to have your waistcoat more the look and feel of a jacket, you can go for lapels. In our program we have also a number of double breasted waistcoats and you can choose from a straight, pointed or round bottom.

The back of the waistcoat is normally completed with lining cloth (as is customary), but can also be made of the same fabric as the front.  When you choose a lining of Business Punks or Fancy Interlinings you can be assured to stand out of the crowd.

Whatever you choose, you will make a striking appearance.