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Men’s trousers

Men’s trousers

When it comes to a suit, the ready to wear size of the trousers will seldom be the same as the size for the jacket. 

Whether as part of a suit or as a separate garment, the trousers are tailored to your size only. Not just the length of the legs, but also the rise.

You can choose from a number of models, depending on the occasion you want to use your tailored trousers for. Obviously there is the ‘standard’ model: trousers which are partially lined and particularly suited for the office or a suit. The ‘casual’ model comes without lining and is less formal in look and feel. Also available is the 5-pocket trousers, better known as jeans. The 5-pocket trousers cab be ordered, however, in any cloth, not just denim.

The fit of the trousers (waistband, legs) can be adjusted to your liking, from a tight, slim fit to comfortably wide. Sometimes you may want to have temporarily a wider waistband. Here we offer the adjustable waistband, either with buttons or a strap and buckle.

But always the comfort while wearing will be great and you don’t have to wait until they are  worn and became very old.