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Men's coat

Men's coat

Sentate tailors garments in a wide variety of cloths of various weights. In this way you can build a stylish wardrobe of garments for all the seasons. 

However, when the winter approaches and the temperatures plummet, we would always recommend investing in a beautifully tailored overcoat or body-coat to complete your look. The body-coat is basically a jacket and will be fitted to be worn over a shirt (eventually waistcoat), while the overcoat will be fitted to be worn over a jacket.

The options for jackets are, with some exceptions, also available for the body-coat.



The list of options for the overcoat is not so elaborate as the list for the jacket, but you do not need them because you wear a jacket under the overcoat.

Of course there are ample fabrics to choose from with tailored coats, including light and heavy weight tweeds to a range of herringbone and plain wools.

A tailored coat is a wonderful investment because it will complete your look, protect you in a stylish way from the elements during winter and, if looked after, a tailored coat will last you for years.