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Made to measure

Made to measure

The made-to-measure suit was created over 60 years ago to bridge the gap between ready-to-wear and bespoke tailor made suits. Unfortunately the term Made To Measure has been misused many times. Some companies give you a choice out of 10 colors cloth and call that Made To Measure.

Benefits MTM

  • You make an appointment and can choose a full wardrobe in one half-day. 
So, no endless shop-hopping.
  • Made To Measure garments have a perfect fit. The ample options available will enable you to achieve any kind of look you’re after.
  • We sell Made To Measure garments. So you buy one suit and not two in order to get the right size for top and bottom half.
  • You choose the cloth you like in a colour that pleases you. You don’t have to settle for ‘off-the-rack’. The quality of the cloth as well as the quality of the garment’s making surpasses that of many fashion stores.
  • At the end you will spend less (we are not rich enough to buy bad clothing), because you don’t have unused clothing any more (on average it appeared to be approximately 30 % of any wardrobe).

What is made to measure

Made-to-measure is essentially altering pre-made garment patterns to your preferences and measurements. Rather than starting from scratch, you are fitted from a selection of sample garments, which we then tailor for your unique body type and provide you with a large number of cloth and detail options. 

Small alterations are the game changer when it comes to the perfect fit. The right tailoring can make any garment work for any body. Although small, these alterations make a remarkable difference. And it makes you feel confident.

Because of the high costs involved, people consider using a tailor only when they are specifically looking for a suit for business wear or a special occasion or event. With our range of Made To Measure options you can customize your garments to a wide extent and thus to other applications than just formal.

How it works

At your first consultation we’ll listen to your style preferences, how your desired lifestyle looks like and how you intend to use the tailored garments. You may have specific ideas of what you’re after, or we can  help by suggesting some inspiration from the options available.

Once you have chosen the perfect type of garment and style, we help you choose a cloth, the sky is really the limit. From sturdy or soft cotton to feather-light Italian worsteds. We’ll use our years of experience to help you choose the right cloth in terms of how they drape and wear. 

After choosing the style and cloth, we then take a wide variety of measurements and figuration details from your entire body to create the perfect fit. If necessary we’ll also take into account the style you have chosen and draft the design accordingly.

Achieving a truly ‘bespoke’ fit requires multiple fittings during the creation of your suit. Unlike a bespoke appointment where a pattern is cut from scratch, we record your detailed measurements in order to alter the pattern of a sample garment, thus requiring only one fitting session. Although a Made To Measure garment is not as intensively crafted as a ‘bespoke’ garment, our Made To Measure program offers you such a vast scope of choice in terms of fit and style, that it approximates ‘bespoke’.

Then it’s time to start customising the options you want to use. Options available include buttons, pocket style, vent options, trouser pleats, cuffs, interior linings and much more. You can really achieve any kind of look for your tailored garment that you’re after.

The garment then gets made and you return 3-5 weeks later for your final fitting. If it is your first time you get your clothing delivered, it is possible that you still want some alterations in the fit. At this stage we make any appropriate adjustments if required, and we do not allow your garment to leave until it is the perfect fit for you.

Then you can start enjoying your tailored garment which is unmatched on the high street.