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Men’s Jacket

Men’s Jacket

At Sentate we consider a suit as a combination of trousers with a jacket (eventually completed with a waistcoat). Basically it is the uniform cloth of the separate garments that makes a suit. Also we tailor the separate garments.

With a tailored suit you are investing in a garment which is carefully and beautifully created to your exact fit and silhouette. For a sharp and refined look, consider a 2 piece or 3 piece tailor made suit. We understand that there is much to consider, and  therefor we can advise with regards to ensuring the cloth, fit and choice of model is according to your wishes.



There are many personalization options available.  Take for example a typical men’s 

3 piece suit – there are choices to be made surrounding edge stitching and thread colour, lining, lapels, pockets, buttons, cuffs, vents…..the list goes on. 

At Sentate we consider finding out what sort of suit you need or want to be crucial for a meaningful advice. With a tailored suit you are investing in a garment which is carefully and beautifully created to your exact fit and posture.

The life of your suit is not determined only by how often you wear it, but also on the quality of fabrics, fits and construction. Our suiting features a half canvas construction. 

Suit yourself by choosing your preferred fabrics, detailing, and style to match your busy lifestyle.


Basis of the design is a standard jacket. We can alter many details in the pattern.  For example an alteration with respect to your posture. You can choose the length of the jacket. Obviously the length of the sleeves can be changed from standard to any length. 

For the model you can choose for a single row with 1 to 3 buttons or a double breasted variant. We can change the height of the top button.

In the end you will find completion of the design in the details. What do you like or what do you need. A classic tailored jacket with jetted side pockets or a sporty jacket with  side patch pockets and elbow patches. 

With your name on the inside, the jacket becomes entirely your personal jacket, 

The list with options is much longer , including:

  • Pockets: Number and design for outside as well as inside.
  • Cuffs: real buttonholes, sham cuffs ; number of buttons.
  • Lining : Various types of lining (from none to full).
  • Monogramming on the inside is included.
  • A large variety in contrast colours for buttonholes, collar and elbow patches.
  • For a surcharge the atelier can make an emblem and fit that to the jacket.

Call us or email us to discuss the possibilities. We will be happy to explain and to work with you to  create a flattering and professional suit.