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Sentate offers ample choice from various fabrics in high quality.

As we have bunches (booklets with samples of cloth), you cannot only see the true colours and the size of the design, but also experience the feel the cloth.

Below some examples are shown; the actual collection of fine cloths is much larger.

Finally it is also possible that we make the garment of your choice from cloth you acquired elsewhere. In that case you only pay costs of labour and haberdasheries. 

The quality of the cloth will have to be such, that the workshop can process it.



Reda is an Italian producer of mainly worsted cloths of a very fine quality.

Dugdale is a British producer of various types of cloths like worsted and cotton. They also produce a variety of blends of wool with a.o. Mohair, Cashmere and Merino.

The British Brisbane Moss produces cloths, based on cotton. The quality varies from the ‘ordinairy’, sturdy cotton to Moleskin en Corduroy.

Ringhart and Soktas produce very fine cotton cloths (in various weaves like Poplin and Twill) for Blouses and Shirts.

Ringhart also features a collection with figurines, like the cloth with small bicycles.

Sentate offers ample choice of standard lining in various bright and pastel colours and designs.

However, we offer also more extravagant linings, varying from Fancy Interlinings to Businesspunk.