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Buying shirts for women can be very difficult as individual body shapes alter so much depending on height, breadth of shoulders and bust.  This is why it is rare that a perfect fit can be found in the shops.  Sentate offers a range of bespoke women’s tailored blouses that take into account all of your measurements to ensure a perfect fit every time. We also offer tailored shirts, which are rather men’s tailored shirts with a ladies closure and without darts.

When you combine this with the fact that there are many styling and personalisation options as well, we can really create the perfect shirt or blouse with you.  Once you are happy with shape and style you can reorder women’s tailored blouses and shirts in a variety of different fabric options so that you are safe in the knowledge that you are always looking your best.

Fits and sizes

Design your own ultimate shirts individually tailored to your personal body size. 

Adjust the height of the button on the bust in order to avoid embarrassing unsightly gaping or worse.

Then choose your favorite refined fabric.

All fabrics are from the finest cotton. The cotton fabrics are available in white, plain, checkered and striped designs. Also we have the colorful printed designs. You can add contrast fabrics; this way you can customize your blouse with a contrasting inner collar, inner cuffs, or other parts of the shirt.

After you selected a fabric, you can shape your blouse. Within the options, you have all the freedom to choose whether to wear a pocket, double cuffs, or just single button cuffs. Do you want long sleeves, or short sleeves? Experience the difference between off the rack and tailored blouses .

Add some exclusive custom items such as removable bones, pearl buttons, an embroidered monogram and more … Continue designing your custom blouse with ultimate fashion features such as high collars with 3 buttons, contrasting collars, cuffs and closure.